• Do it yourself Mobile landing page

    -Built with an easy to use drag and drop panel(no knowledge of programming required). Giving you the freedom to edit or design your own mobile landing page.

  • Easy setup of business details

    -Easily setup your business details from your contact details to logo and address information.

  • Freedom to schedule your promotions anytime

    -Need to run a special /promotion tomorrow? No problem just log in and put the details in. Schedule it in advance or do it at a last minute.

  • Unlimited mobile promotions

    -Create different promotions with no limit to the number.

  • Collect a database and integrate with popular email marketing softwares

    -It is frustrating if you do a promotional coupon with a 3rd party and yet you are not able to easily access the customer database. With Mybiz Coupon Promo this is your own business coupon and you have full control over the customer database you have collected and you are able to easily integrate it with email marketing softwares like Mail Chimp, AWeber, IContact and Constant Contact.

  • Set and Forget

    -Able to set promotions to run at different days or specific time frame
    -For example if you are a restaurant time a promotion for lunch and dinner which will be automatically edited on the page and your QR Code link. This means anyone that scans the QR Code during the lunch period that you set will only see the lunch offers.

  • Geo targeted customers

    -Its important to create offers to customers based on their location to ensure that its effective. This geographical(geo) targeting is proven to increase sales. If you have two or more stores you are able to create specific offers at each store to cater to your local customers. When a customer scans the code it will detect their location and show offers closest to them.

  • Dynamic Google Maps integration

    -Integrate to your coupon page Google maps directions which will give your customers one touch directions to your business.

  • Tap to call

    -An easy button that allows your customers on the go to tap and call you when they have the coupon on their phone

  • Viral Social Coupons

    -Imagine the power of sharing your coupons on social media. Now your customers can easily share your coupons with friends and family using Facebook and Twitter
    -If you have a Facebook or Twitter account for your business you can easily integrate the coupon with a short URL link(provided by our system) or load up the QR Code(also provided) on the social sites

  • Create QR Codes

    -Easily promote your coupons using QR Codes. QR Codes stand for “Quick Response” Codes that enable customers to scan a code and get your coupon immediately on their mobile or ipads. These QR Codes can be printed on any materials from brochures, flyers, signs, fridge magnets and many other items.

  • Loyalty Programme

    -Its important to get customers returning to your business and we have the solution for you. Create a mobile loyalty program that will enable customers to get something in return when they come back to your business. If you are a cafe for example, After the 10th coffee you buy get a free coffee. A code is given to redeem the offer for each time of purchase.

  • No website No worries

    -Our one page mobile coupon is designed to be a responsive page. This means if your customer is viewing your offer on their mobile, ipad or PC it will respond to the screen size and adjust the settings automatically.  You do not need to have a website in order to have your coupons online.

  • Scarcity and timed Promotions

    -We all know how effective a promotion can be if we run limited amounts or time it. You can easily set the amount of offers that you plan to sell and customers can view this on the coupon.  You can also easily time the promotion to show them how many days left for them to take up the promotion

  • Analytics reports

    -Monitor the progress of your campaign and find out vital information like how many customers landed on the offer, how many redeemed and where are the customers coming from(i.e QR Code scanning, Facebook and Twitter)

  • Integrate videos

    – Videos help to sell and we recall better the offer provided.  Hence, if you have a video you can integrate it to your mobile coupon.

  • Integrate Shopping Cart

    -Easily sell your offers by integrating it your current shopping cart on your website.  Customers can click your coupon to go directly to your website to buy your products or services.


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